From the coffee aroma to the essence of the coals

Gone was the smell of coffee and pastry of the “Fleca” in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni. The family business undertaken by Josep Masana and Carme Jovell in 1996 has evolved to reinvent itself in 2 places with personality and a menu based on “good charcoal grilled products”.

They began their adventures in hospitality with a bread shop where informal lunches were served, adding to this the coffee service. However, the protagonist of the shop was a wood stove that greeted audiences.

Over time, the pizzas with the characteristic taste of wood were gaining fame in the Catalan district and local ended up focusing on providing this Italian-inspired dish and also grilled cuisine.

To get a real taste of the best cuisine on the grill, Josep and his wife Carme penetrated into Catalan “Masías” to learn the tricks of this traditional cooking method. After this period and establishing a system for cooking adapted to the environment of the city, the “Fleca” became a Brasserie.

Each space hosts an environment with different personality, thought to be the perfect place for every occasion.





The simplicity and taste of the Mediterranean Diet 100%

No frivolous or unnecessary frills. The handcrafted design and simple, direct and tasty preparation of dishes scented wood are the secret of Maur.

Every day at 11 and 18: 30h, the fires are lighted with care to offer diners meats and vegetables, pizzas with a special abd differential touch, affordable wines and cavas, homemade jams and, to crown, friendly and close the deal with the client. To be at home.

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